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Leveraging best practice across
our geographic businesses

The Group’s gross profit margin is in line with last year at 22%, however, with an operating profit margin of 1.6% there is a clear need to reduce costs. Reducing cost is a key focus of our transformation initiatives and we will do this through increased intra-Group cohesion, structural change and better use of technology. With significant cost savings already identified we have an opportunity to leverage best practice in our more profitable businesses and apply this to our underperforming businesses, particularly in the UK.

Geographical map of businesses UK Central Europe Airlines Germany West Europe Northern Europe North America


£60m in benefits from turnaround plan

Central Europe

Öger Tours expanded its product into Tunisia and Egypt

Airlines Germany

One of the most profitable airlines in Germany

West Europe

Average selling price increased by 3.8%

Northern Europe

69% internet distribution

North America

New management has implemented plans to improve financial performance


2.Central Europe

3.Airlines Germany

4.West Europe

5.Northern Europe

6.North America

Annual Report & Accounts 2012

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Annual Report &
Accounts 2012.

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